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Computer Science and Economics Student at Brown University with well-rounded experiences in Full-stack Software Development. I am always on the lookout for opportunities to gain exposure to new technologies and improve my abilities. To learn more about my experiences and skills, check out my resume below.


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Circles is a privacy-centric social media platform with features to promote physical interactions and quality connections. Users can make plans and share memories with their social circles with highly customizable privacy controls.


Web application that generates optimal meeting times for a group of people based on their availability calendar. Features a click-and-drag calendar interface that makes it easy for users to indicate their availability. Coordinator can also split users into subgroups with similar meeting times using a variation of k-means clustering. Timezone adjustments are automatic and the application is designed to be accessible for visually impaired individuals and keyboard only users.

Secret Shop

Secret Shop
Secret Shop is a two-sided web marketplace for gamers to buy, trade or sell second-hand video games. Users can view the games possessed by other users and propose a trade with them. Secret Shop also includes a real-time chat application for users to negotiate on price. Name inspired by the Dota 2 in-game shop